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What is DSJE?

The Scrambled Jazz Eggs began as a small group of musicians organized by Dov, as somewhat of a testing ground for his genre-bending songs. After a couple small but successful shows in Toronto, Dov brought the concept with him to college in Boston, and was met with immediate excitement. Three years later, The Eggs are a collective of talented young musicians from accross North and Central America, each bringing a unique musical voice to the group.

Anyone who has seen Dov's Scrambled Jazz Eggs knows that it isn't just about the music - when DSJE plays, it's an event. The mission of the group is to bring audience members into our whimsical world of musical nonsense, and leave them with a wide smile on their face. You can see it in action when Dov leads the room in dancing the Hokey Pokey, or decides to conduct the audience.

In addition to performing, the Eggs are dedicated to creating a positive and supportive community in the music scene and beyond. From partnered shows with local charity organizations to pop-up events in public parks, the group believes that music is a powerful tool that can be used to bring people together. Most sets also involve at least one song from a featured local artist, with new arrangements crafted to showcase their unique talents and further engage with the local scene. 

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Who are the Jazz Eggs?

Who are the Jazz Eggs?

Past Eggs


Adriano Campbell

Ben Dailor

Ian Ridenhour

JC Chung

John Kervin

Madds Buckley

Mateo Mancuso

Michael Ventura

Nick Bredal

Victor Ochoa

Honourary Eggs


Grance Taff


Melissa Paju

Nick Thorpe


Tahj Greaves

Te’Zhuen Watson

Zoe Sparks

Bbis Duran (Pre-DSJE)

Danny Darress (Pre-DSJE)

Tim Murphy (Pre-DSJE)

Remington Strecker (Pre-DSJE)

The Current Eggs


Aidan McConnell

Caleb Lattimore

Charles Ritz

Dov Beck-Levine

Isabella Perez

Lazar Miric

Noah Benson

OG Bassman

Rowan Cookman

Trey Rodman

Steven Noronha

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